- 100% organic
- A casual and trendy feel was created with one-colored printing on the front.
Green colored diamond pattern given a point with embroidery to make the design more luxurious.
It is a cotton towel, strong in sweat absorption, and designed with a soft and comfortable tension.
The same fit as the basic sweat lounge pants, and the ribbed hem holds the ankle, so there is no discomfort at all.
In order to prevent deformation of the fabric, it is recommended to turn it inside out when washing and put it in a net and wash in cold water.
1. Wet cleaning in water is required
2. It is effective to turn over to wash. Dry immediately after washing.
3. Do not use detergents containing bleach when washing.
4. Do not boil as it may cause discoloration.
5. Do not wash dark-colored clothes with light colors.
6. If you leave it wet, it may cause color transfer, so dry it immediately after dehydration.
    Machine spin dry immediately after washing.
7. Exchanges and refunds are not possible for products that do not follow the washing method and cause color transfer or contamination.
8. A button attached to the product. If decorations, etc. fall off, be careful not to bite or swallow them.
9. Be careful as some products may catch fire when close to fire.
10. Please refrain from product defects and size deformation during machine drying.